Overview April 2021 | ‘Hit and Run’ victims

Overview April 2021 | ‘Hit and Run’ victims

In the month of April 2021 Staat van Beleg could list 1,205 human rights violations (and 189 reports/analyses). (see our archive and the monthly violations reports of the Negotiations Affairs Department). This month we write about Palestinian victims of car ramming attacks.

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On 7 April the 73-year-old Palestinian Shafiqa Mohamed Abu Aqeel was proclaimed dead after she succumbed to serious injuries she sustained the day before when a jewish settler rammed his car into her on a road in southern al-Khalil in the occupied West Bank. According to local sources, a settler was driving at high speed, ran over the woman and injured her seriously in Muthalat as-Simya area near as-Samu town, south of al-Khalil.

This incident is not the first of its kind since many Palestinian citizens were subjected to run over attacks by Israeli settlers while crossing the main roads that link Palestinian cities. However, the Israeli occupation authorities always rush to justify such attacks as unintentional accidents. The perpetrators will therefore not being arrested, charged and punished by Israel.

On the other hand many Palestinians have been shot death under the pretexts of carrying out “deliberate ramming attacks,” after their cars crashed into Israeli vehicles, including army and police jeeps. In most incidents is was clear that the alleged attacks were traffic accidents, but since they involved Israeli settlers or soldiers, the Palestinians were shot under the mere suspicion of carrying out deliberate attacks, and many Israeli media agencies labeled the accidents as “terrorism.” Israeli checkpoints – which flagrantly violate Palestinians’ freedom of movement and cut the West Bank into cantons – have become death traps where Palestinians are immediately sentenced to death for the slightest mistake or even on mere suspicion.

In 2018, 43 car-ramming incidents were carried out by Jewish settlers against Palestinian citizens on roads in the West Bank and Jerusalem. They led to the death of four citizens and the injury of 33 others.

There were also cases where Palestinians got injured or were killed by army trucks.

Not only Palestinian people are targeted, Israeli settlers and armed forces frequently kill sheep and cattle of Palestinian farmers. Over the years many sheep have been killed. On 24 september 2015 an Israeli settler ran over 40 lambs in the eastern part of the West Bank city of Nablus. The settler hit the lambs several times. Forty lambs, out of 300, were killed and at least 20 others were wounded.

Israeli Jewish settler rammed his car into a herd of sheep in the occupied West Bank, killing nine sheep and wounding 11 others, 30 August 2020. Source: Palestine Post 24

Since the start of this archive in July 2015 we have reported the victims of car ramming attacks by settlers. We will commemorate those 25 victims here. Please note that these are only victims that were being killed and these are only the cases that were covered by the media. Many more got injured, sometimes severely and there were also attempts to run over Palestinians.

Palestinians killed by Israeli settlers in car ramming attacks

19 January 2016 – Khalil Amer
22 April 2016 – Hisham Shahin
10 August 2016 – Shepherd Mousa Mohammad Salman (85) and his donkey
20 August 2016 – Wesam Ghayth (26)
10 September 2016 – Lama Marwan Moussa (4)
27 October 2016 – Mohamed Dawud
29 November 2016 – Israeli settler runs over, kills Palestinian farmer (not identified)
30 January 2017 – Sjaima Djaabis 
8 February 2017 – Suleiman Hammad (81)
1 June 2017 – Nada Ibadh (16)
7 July 2017 – Omar Ahmad Issa (37)
26 August 2017 – Asil Abu Own (8)
17 September 2017 – Sara Masharqa (22)
18 September 2017 – Fadi Tayyem (30)
4 January 2018 – Rami Asad (38)
16 April 2018 – Ouda Malash (65) 
5 August 2018 – Mohammed Arshidat (85)
13 October 2018 – Aisha Mohammed Talal al-Rabi (47) stoned to death while driving her car
18 April 2019 – Fatima Suleiman (42)
21 May 2019 – Hasan Burhom
16 July 2019 – Tareq Dhabanya (7)
16 August 2020 – Iqab Bashir Darawsheh (21)
11 February 2021 – Azzam Jamil Amer
12 February 2021 – Bilal Shehadeh (50)
7 March 2021 – Shafiqa Mohamed Abu Aqeel (73)


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