Israeli human rights violations March 2022

Israeli human rights violations March 2022

In March 2022 Staat van Beleg documented 1,734 Israeli violations of human rights against the Palestinian people.

For more information about Israeli violations on the Palestinian people, see our archive or see the monthly reports of the Negotiations Affairs Department.

A selection of the violations in March 2022

Deadly victims
  • Fatima al-Masri, a 19-month-old toddler girl with a hole in her heart, died after waiting for five months for Israel to issue a permit allowing her to leave the blockaded enclave for treatment abroad.
  • Two Palestinian young men were killed after Israeli occupation forces stormed Jenin refugee camp and opened fire at local youths and resistance fighters. The victims were identified as Sanad Abu Atiyah (17) and Yazid as-Sa’adi (23) from the refugee camp. Fourteen others were injured, three of them in serious condition.
  • Israeli occupation forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager in Balata refugee camp, in the occupied West Bank. The soldiers shot the 17-year-old Nader Haytham Rayan with several bullets in the head, chest, abdomen and hand, killing him immediately.
  • Yamen Nafez Jafal, a 16-year-old Palestinian teen, was shot and killed by Israeli forces in Abu Dis village, east of the occupied city of Jerusalem.
  • A young Palestinian man was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in the Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem, and six others were wounded. Alaa Shaham was hit by a live bullet in the head and killed instantly.
Mourners carry the body of Alaa al-Shaham during his funeral. (Photo by Ahmad Arouri/APA images)

Raids & Kidnappings
  • On March 6, Israeli soldiers took two small Palestinian children with them. “We didn’t do anything!” they cried out in tears. A Palestinian bystander tried to reassure them by saying, “Don’t worry, they’ll release you.” What happened after is still unknown.

Prison violations
  • Israeli prison guards brutally assaulted and beat up Khalil Musa Musbah, a Palestinian prisoner with chronic disease incarcerated in the Israeli prison of Megiddo.

Violence & Destruction
  • Israeli occupation planes sprayed toxic chemicals, including herbicides, on Gaza’s agricultural lands, destroying the crops. This happens several times a year under the pretext of security reasons. In reality, the Israeli regime aims to destroy the livelihoods of Gaza’s farmers.
  • Israeli occupation forces assaulted a 10-year-old Palestinian child in Ramallah and detained him for several hours before releasing him.

  • Israel’s parliament has passed a law denying naturalisation to Palestinians from the occupied West Bank or Gaza married to Israeli citizens, forcing thousands of Palestinian families to either emigrate or live apart.

Settler violence
  • Israeli settlers set fire on part of a mosque in the village of Zeita Jammain, south of Nablus city. The settlers sneaked into the village and threw a highly flammable substance at the entrance of the mosque after which the carpet caught fire.
  • A group of Israeli settlers yesterday uprooted 170 olive trees in the village of al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya, to the south of the occupied city of Nablus.

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