Israeli violations September 2022

Israeli violations September 2022

In September 2022 Staat van Beleg documented 3,422 Israeli violations of human rights against the Palestinian people.

For more information about Israeli violations on the Palestinian people, see our archive or see the monthly reports of the Negotiations Affairs Department.

A small selection of the violations in September 2022

Deadly victims

  • On September 8, a 17-year old Palestinian teenager was shot dead by Israeli forces near the village of Beitin, east of the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.
  • On September 15, Israeli soldiers killed another 17-year old Palestinian teenager during their military incursion into the village of Kafr Dan, in the occupied West Bank. Uday Trad Salah, was shot in the head and succumbed to this critical injury. Another Palestinian young man was also seriously injured and the soldiers prevented ambulances from entering the town.
  • Israeli police officers gunned down a Palestinian driver on September 24 after he lost control of his vehicle near the village of Jit, in the occupied West Bank.
  • Tayseer Daoud Yousuf Al-Sayegh, a 67-year old cancer patient, died on September 20 when the Israeli authorities denied his travel for urgent treatment at Al-Muttala’ Hospital in occupied Jerusalem. 
  • Rayan Suleiman, a seven-year-old Palestinian, died on September 29 after his heart stopped. He literally died from fear while being chased by armed Israeli occupation forces. 
The funeral of the 7-year-old Rayan Suleiman (Photo: Oren Ziv - ActiveStills)

Demolition & Annexation
  • On September 7, Israeli occupation forces razed and demolished three sheep pens in the waqf lands near the entrance of Jerusalem’s town of Anata.
  • Leaving eight people homeless, Israeli occupation authorities forced a Palestinian family to self-demolish its own house, under the pretext of building without a permit, near Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Lion’s Gate in occupied Jerusalem.
Demolished sheep pens. (Photo by Quds News)

Raids & Kidnappings
  • Israeli occupation soldiers violently arrested a Palestinian man in the old city of occupied Jerusalem. They forcibly pressed his face into the ground, seriously injuring him and leaving him bleeding and unconscious.
  • On September 27, Israeli occupation forces stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem for the third consecutive day. The occupation forces attacked Palestinian worshipers and allowed settlers to perform rituals prohibited by law. Several Palestinians were wounded and over a dozen arrested in the attacks carried out by the occupation forces.
  • On 30 September, Israeli soldiers raided and assaulted the Jenin refugee camp. They also brought the horror to a kinder garten, scaring the children.
Israeli occupation forces detain two Palestinian children while leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque

Prison Violations
  • The Israeli authorities again refused to release the tortured Palestinian prisoner Ahmad Manasra (21), who was arrested in 2015 as a 13-year-old and is suffering from serious mental health conditions. To make matters worse, Ahmad is being held in solitary confinement.
  • A Palestinian prisoner was hurt after he set his isolation cell in Ramon prison on fire in protest at his solitary confinement which continued for more than one month.

Violence & Destruction
  • On September 15, Israeli occupation forces opened fire at a Palestinian school in the village of Burin, Nablus. Students and staff were evacuated immediately following the Israeli attacks. The soldiers shot tear gas and concussion bombs inside the school. Dozens of students and staff suffered the after-effects of inhaling the gas.
  • On September 21, Israeli occupation forces attacked three Palestinian schools and opened fire at Palestinian students, suffocating a number of them in Nablus and Ramallah.
  • On September 23, Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas grenades into the Emergency Department of Hebron Governmental Hospital, suffocating a number of citizens and hospital staff.
  • On September 26, Israeli occupation forces attacked a wedding party in the Jabal Abu Rumman area in Hebron.
  • A Palestinian young man was injured on September 23, after an Israeli military jeep ran over him in the Al-Tur area in the city of Nablus.

  • Palestinian school children cried in terror and fear while Israeli occupation forces were holding them at Al-Shuhada checkpoint in Hebron.
  • In the Jerusalem neighborhood of al Tur, Israeli forces used sewage water trucks to attack Palestinian protesters mobilizing in their neighborhood on September 23. This came on the eve of Rosh Hashana, during which time Palestinians face increased restrictions on their mobility.

Settler violence
  • Israeli colonizers attacked Palestinian drivers and hurled rocks at their vehicles near the Israeli illegal settlement of Modi’in, west of occupied Jerusalem.
  • Israeli settlers destroyed agricultural equipment of Palestinian farmers in the village of Beit Dajan, north of the occupied West Bank.
  • An Israeli driver ran over and killed a herd of sheep owned by a Palestinian shepherd north of Jericho.
  • Six Palestinian farmers sustained injuries, one of them by gunfire, in an attack by a group of 20 Israeli settlers on the village of Sinjil, in the occupied West Bank. The settlers were masked, armed with rifles and backed by the Israeli army. The Palestinian farmers were assaulted while they were planting olive saplings in their own lands near the village.

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