Israeli violations October 2022

Israeli violations October 2022

In October 2022 Staat van Beleg documented 4,202 Israeli violations of human rights against the Palestinian people.

For more information about Israeli violations on the Palestinian people, see our archive or see the monthly reports of the Negotiations Affairs Department.

A small selection of the violations in October 2022

Deadly victims

Israeli forces killed 29 Palestinians in the West Bank last month, making October the deadliest month so far in what the United Nations’ humanitarian office said was on course to be the “deadliest year” since it started counting fatalities across the Palestinian territories in 2005.

More than half of those killed in October were most likely unarmed when they were shot dead, according to Palestinian officials and media reports. Fifteen people were shot as bystanders, in protests, during army raids or army-protected settler attacks.

  • Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian teen during protests that occurred at the entrance of the Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron. The soldiers shot Osama Mahmoud Adawi, 18, with a live round in the abdomen area, causing severe bleeding and internal organ damage.
  • Israeli forces have killed two Palestinian teenagers and injured nearly a dozen others during a raid on Jenin. Ahmad Mohammad Daraghmeh and Mahmoud as-Sous, both 17 years old, were fatally shot in the head and neck respectively.
  • Israeli troops shot Adel Ibrahim Adel Daoud, 14, with a live round in the head, in al-Birin area south of Qalqilya city.
  • Israeli soldiers killed Mahdi Mohammad Ladadwa, 17, from al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiyya village, after Palestinians intercepted an attack by extremist Israeli settlers on a house in the village.
  • A Palestinian child, the 12-year-old Mahmoud Khalil Samoudi from Yamoun, succumbed to his wounds two weeks after being shot in the stomach by the Israeli army near Jenin. Samoudi was shot on September 28 when a large Israeli military group raided Jenin.
Thousands of mourners attend the funeral of Palestinians killed in an Israeli raid, 
in the city of Nablus on 25 October (Photo: AFP)

Demolition & Annexation
  • In flagrant defiance of international outcry against settlement expansion and land grab policies in the occupied Palestinian territories, Israeli authorities have approved plans for the construction of hundreds of new settler units in the northern part of Jerusalem.
  • Israeli occupation forces forced a Palestinian man to self-demolish his own house in the Al-Tur neighborhood, east of occupied Jerusalem. The 130-square house housed 8 family members.

Raids & Kidnappings
  • Israeli occupation forces arrested a 10-year old Palestinian child in the Ras Al-Amoud neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem. Palestinian sources shared a video on social media documenting the moment when the soldiers savagely detained Salah Al-Natsha and ripped off his clothes.
  • Israeli soldiers chased, assaulted, and detained a Palestinian child while returning home from school in Silwan town, in occupied Jerusalem. Salah Natsha, 11, from the Ras Al-Amoud neighborhood, was walking home when the soldiers chased him and started beating him up before moving him to an interrogation facility.

Prison Violations
  • At the time of this publication, the Israeli occupation is holding 820 Palestinians without trial or charge, the highest number since 2008. They are being held in so-called administrative detention, a practice where the prisoners can be held for months, do not know the charges against them and are not granted access to the evidence against them.
  • The Israel Prison Service is preventing a cancer-stricken Palestinian prisoner from contacting his family“The IPS deliberately practices the policy of medical negligence against prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid despite his deteriorating physical and mental health condition,” the spokesperson of the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority, Hassan Abd Rabbo, said in a press statement.

Violence & Destruction
  • A Palestinian father, named Anwar Abu as-Sebaa, and his daughter, Iman, were injured after an Israeli military vehicle ran them over as they were standing in front of their home in the Jenin refugee camp.
  • The Palestinian Red Crescent society reported that its crews treated a 14-year old Palestinian child who was shot with a bullet in his foot during confrontations with Israeli soldiers in El-Bireh city.
  • An Israeli Jeep tried to run over a Palestinian young man during confrontations in Al-Ezariyeh town.
  • Israeli occupation forces injured a Palestinian paramedic in the shoulder after targeting a Palestinian ambulance with live bullets in Hebron.

  • Israeli occupation forces seized a bicycle from a little Palestinian boy in the city of Hebron and prevented children from playing with it in the Jaber neighborhood. The soldiers threw the boy’s bike next to a trash container.
  • Israeli occupation forces confiscated a Palestinian vehicle loaded with solar panel equipment in the Wadi Al-Faw area, northern Jordan Valley.

Settler violence
  • Israeli settlers on attacked a Palestinian ambulance near Nablus, while transporting a patient to a hospital in Ramallah. The settlers tried to break into the ambulance in front of Israeli soldiers who failed to intervene.
  • Israeli settlers attacked a herd of cows belonging to a Palestinian resident in the occupied Ein al-Hilweh area, northern Jordan Valley. The settlers attacked the herd of cows with stones while they were grazing.
  •  Israeli settlers stole the olive harvest of Palestinian farmers near the village of Awarta, in the occupied West Bank. The settlers also chopped off some trees.
  • A mob of Israeli settlers attacked a lone Palestinian man in Sheikh Jarrah, inflicting skull fracture on him.
  • An Israeli settler drove into the Palestinian town of Huwara, got out of the car and fired with a semi-automatic weapon at Palestinian homes.

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